Symbolic Language

If you are intrigued about diving deeply into life, Caroline Myss provides an avenue for you to explore. She presents a symbolic language of power that is transformational. When we recognize and understand this language we have the advantage of great insight(s) into our lives. This symbolism, as Caroline Myss describes, connects every single one of us.

Archetypes are not to be confused with labels we project onto others rather they serve as a guidance system into our real selves.

What propels you in one direction or the other?

Archetypes are universally recognizable, however, the challenge lies in finding the ones that drive and describe you personally.

Have no fear; Caroline writes her expansive ideas with clear and concise intention. Her message is conveyed with an honest integrity. Upon reading her work, I felt she really wanted me to get it by understanding and applying this wisdom. Caroline thoroughly outlines the most prevalent archetypes in society during this time.  She defines and differentiates the archetypes on a deep and soulful level that will leave the ego either resisting or insisting.

This book ignites a deep discovery for conscious decision making in our lives. Grab a highlighter, make some notes and have fun with this symbolic language for and in your life.


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