The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence gifts us with presence, allowing moments of mindfulness to unfold and inspire.  It is the ability to humbly hear, and pay attention to that which is greater than what we interpret through the limited lenses of our linear perception. That inner knowing is the sound of silence urging us to pay attention and be mindful.


The sound of silence allows for pause. When we are not mindful, this pause is rare and perhaps nonexistent. It can be blocked out with distractions of what the ego needs to feel important. Although precious, this guidance is wise, unconditional and it does not judge whether we pay attention or not.


The sound of silence is deafening to the ego. It threatens the perceived perception of control that the ego needs to feel separate, important and right. The ego battles this unconditional support system endlessly. However, the graceful movement of the sound of silence is an endless vibration. It is most accessible when we observe and allow. The Sound of Silence is a State of Being.

This is my first writing challenge submission, any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

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  3. I truly enjoyed that – I understand the whole nerves thing as well as this was my first week with the writing challenge. Good luck and I’d keep it up if I were you.

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